1948.10 Launched
1948.11 Found KVMA
1956.12 Proclaim the Veterinarian Act (No. 412)
1957.9 Hold the 1st national veterinarian test
1957.11 Approve the foundation of KVMA (No. 1059)
1957.12 Publish the magazine, "Veterinary World."
1974.12 Proclaim the new Veterinarian Act (No. 2737)
1978.2 Qualified as the vice chairman country of FAVA(Federation of Asian Veterinary Association)
1982.5 Join the WVA(World Veterinary Association)
1992.2 Establish the Creed of Veterinarians and the Ethics of Veterinarians
1995.1 Enact the training for veterinarians (No. 4747)
1996.8 Proclaim the Education Act(6-year course for veterinarians)
1998.7 Move the office (Veterinary Center, Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu)
1998.11 Hold the 50-year anniversary and celebration of Veterinary Center
2004.10 Hold the 13th FAVA General Assembly in Seoul.
2005.12 Adjust the lowest veterinary public official job class as the 7th class (Presidential Decree No. 19251)
2006.3 Proclaim the Public-Service Veterinarians Act (No. 7914).
2007.3 Found the Veterinary Policy Forum
2008.10 Hold the 60-year anniversary.
2010.6 Launch the Korea Veterinary Science Education Certification Institute Founding Committee
2010.9 Propose for amending the Pharmacist Law and the Veterinarian Law to introduce the veterinarian
  prescription system (Representative Shim, Jae Cheol)
2010.10 2010 Korea's veterinarians Conference East Asia Veterinary Associations meeting
2010.11 Established Accrediation Board for Veterinary Education in Korea
2011.2 23th Ok Kyung Kim President
2014.2 24th Ok Kyung Kim President
2017.2 25th Ok Kyung Kim President
1st Kim Byeong Sun 11st Yun Kwae Byeong 21st Jeong Yeong Chae
2nd Jo I Yeon 12nd Yun Kwae Byeong 22nd Jeong Yeong Chae
3rd Lee Nam Sin 13rd Jeon Dong Ryong 23rd Kim Ok Kyung
4th Lee Nam Sin 14th Lee Nam Sin 24th Kim Ok Kyung
5th Lee Nam Sin 15th Jeong Chang Guk 25th Kim Ok Kyung
6th Kim Sam Sang 16th Jeong Chang Guk    
7th Kim Sam Sang 17th Lee Gil Jae    
8th Kim Jae Yeol 18th Lee Gil Jae    
9th Kim Jae Yeol 19th Lee U Jae    
10th Yun Kwae Byeong 20th Lee U Jae